Kearsley Street Walking Tours

What makes a neighborhood? Is it the people, the houses, or the culture? What happens as that neighborhood changes over time? How can it remain cohesive and adapt to new residents, institutions, and roles in the city?

Join the Whaley Historic House Museum and Flint Cultural Center to explore these questions on a walking tour of Kearsley Street and the Central Park Neighborhood. Participants will learn about the early residents of Kearsley Street and the development of the Cultural Center institutions that sit there now. A walk down Second Street will also raise ideas about the changing demographics of the neighborhood and how its residents are working hard to find innovative solutions to problems, while building a strong sense of community pride.

Tours will take place on the first Monday of the month at 1:00 and first Wednesday at 6:00, May through October. Reservations are required and we hope to keep this event free. Stay tuned for information about a fundraiser to kick-off party in April! The tour will last approximately two hours and will begin at the Whaley Historic House Museum. 


Old-Fashioned Quilting Bee

The Whaley House and Flint Handmade are gearing up for another year of quilting at the Local Grocer during Second Friday Art Walk from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm! We'll still continue to work on our English Paper Piecing Quilt, but with an added focus!

If you think of quilting as an innocent past-time grandmothers taught their daughters in order to make pretty things for the home, think again! Women who quilted used their skill to... 

- Run households
- Raise money for charity
- Support the household income
- Gain financial independence
- Take a political stand!

In an age when women lacked an official political voice, they used their "feminine talents" to circumvent the men who stood in their way. 

So join us and connect to women of the past by learning a skill they used to break out of the confines of the domestic realm. You'll also learn about those pioneering women who fought for change throughout history! No sewing knowledge is required to participate and supplies are provided. 

In order to keep this event free, you can consider joining these kind sponsors. Sponsorship levels start at $50 and information can be found by contacting the Whaley House at the number listed above.